Photo manipulation WIP - part 1

I started Open University of Applied Sciences studies in Lapland UAS and am taking part in a course about digital tools for the artist. One assinment is about planning and creating a composite photo from start to finish while documenting the process. Documenting projects is not my strongest suit as I tend to forget to do it. Or if I remember to take the pictures I then forget to write the blog post.

The concept I’m going to develop is “Spring goes away”. I have a vintage Russian figure of the Snowqueen and want to use it as the main element of the image. I’ll take pictures of the same view in winter and in spring and combine them into the background. I’ll also use pictures of frost on a window for texture.

Pictures I plan to use in the project

In the final image, the Snowqueen is walking away through the landscape, taking the winter with her.

Photomanipulation project concept 1