Fish illustration

Tools: Krita

Responsive website

Website redesign and implementation for Taikalintu

Little blue cars

Creating a stamped pattern digitally.

Development of an idea

Getting a 3D effect with vector graphics.

Bright retroish peonies

Tools: Inkscape

Watercolour workshop

I took part in a free workshop at a Tornio-Kirovsk friendship town event. Tools: watercolours, markers

Drypoint workshop

I took part in a free workshop at Aine Art Museum Materials: plate, etching needle, ink, press

Tricky Time Zones - a silent film project

Tricky Time Zones is a school project and was made for HaparandaTornio Tourist Information Center.

Portfolio photography

Portfolio photo for an artisan

Animating with Krita

Tools: Krita, KDEnlive

Coloured light 1

Photographing light

Coloured light 2

Photographing light

Composite photo 1

Traffic signs

Composite photo 2

Traffic signs


Tools: DIY pinhole camera, Adobe Photoshop

Long exposure street lights

Tools: Canon EOS600D, Darktable

Nordic Noir

Happy birthday

Pinhole photography

Tools: Canon EOS600D, Darktable

Product photography

Product photo for Havina By North

Model photography 1

Makeup with UV-lights

Model photography 2

Makeup with UV-lights

Model photography 3

Makeup with UV-lights

Model photography 4

Makeup with photoshopping

Shoe greeting card set

Product and package design

Shoe sculpture

Tools: plastic bag, bubble wrap, thread

Concept art of a kitchen area

Concept art for Zawp Faktoria.

Concept art of a lounge

Concept art for Zawp Faktoria.

Concept art of a workspace

Concept art for Zawp Faktoria.

Concept art of an office

Concept art for Zawp Faktoria.

Mascot bird printables

Marketing materials for ZAWP

Mascot bird prototypes

Marketing materials for ZAWP


Marketing materials for ZAWP Faktoria

Logo designs for Lacalde and Faktoria

Sister designs for Zawp's two new spaces

Sketch of a dead bird

Tools: paint and ink markers

Lettering on a shop door

Custom design for Zawp Denda

A logo for Lacalde

A logo design for Zawp

Mockup for Lacalde logo

Showcasing the new logo for Zawp Lacalde

Letterhead and stamp

Materials for Tornio City Library's Christmas event.

Whitefish greeting cards

Tools: Inkscape

Nature art

Materials: grass and flowers

Birthday card

Tools: Inkscape

Ballet themed congratulations card

A custom illustrated card for Tornio Ballet

Playbill, poster, flyer and diploma

Materials for Tornio Ballet spring show

Colourful sketch

Representing light and shadow with cool and warm colours

Colourful drawing

Representing distance with cool and warm colours

Congratulations card with heart

Tools: Inkscape Card available on Redbubble. Mockup from Pixelbuddha.

Digital painting

2 complementary colours

Concept art

Sketch of an apartment

Drawing of beads

Tools: pencil

Texture drawing

Tools: pencil

Brochure, letterhead and Facebook-banner

Marketing materials for Virran Voima

Inked feathers

Tools: Ink

Granny square

Crochet themed illustration