Lettering on a shop door

The glass door of Zawp Denda needed decoration. I was asked to make a design with specific words and draw it on the door with markers. Since I hadn’t used Posca markers before I did a test run on one of the office kitchen windows.

Tomato drawing on a window

Posca markers are watersoluble so you can correct any mistakes by just wiping them away and redrawing. Apparently the paint will become a bit more durable after it dries for a while.

I started on the design by choosing a different font for each word and arranging them in Inkscape. I moved things around until I got something I could work with.

First ideas for Denda door

The pictures looked good with the text but I got rid of the extra lines and added a bird mascot character I had designed for Denda. When I was happy with the design I printed it out as a poster. After some papercraft and window cleaning I had the design template attached to the door and was ready to begin. I drew the design with the markers. The most challenging part was trying to use a white marker on a white background.

Preparations for lettering on the Denda door

The white text wasn’t visible enough and going over it again with the white marker didn’t make much of a difference so I went back the next day to outline the text with white acrylic marker.

Finished lettering on the Denda door

I haven’t drawn on glass before so the whole process was new to me. Now to perfect my method I need to find more windows in need of some paint.