Things to do while isolating: mending linen

Mending and darning are things I like to do but somehow they always end up pushed down my todo-list. Mending is a calming activity. It’s also a low stress, low decision one. There’s no difficulty in knowing when you’re done; You are done when the hole in the fabric is gone. If it’s still there, then mend some more.

I don’t do invisible mending and often use embroidery thread. Mainly because I have a stash of it to use up.

A kitchen towel mysteriously developed a hole in the washing machine. Since I’m spending my time at home even more than usual there was no excuse not to fix it.

Mending linen

All pretty again and ready to be used for kitchen towelly stuff:

Mended linen

If you are interested in learning more about darning here are some tutorials:
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