New life for my phone case

Artek holds free workshops at Zawp every Sunday. In the workshop you can give new life to one of your old garments with paint.

Cati from Artek

Cati from Artek will give you materials, instructions and help as needed and in the end you’ll have a unique piece of clothing.

Any garments I might have in need of some refreshment are back home in Finland, but my phone case was a few years old and not that pretty:

A worn out phone case

I had no idea what to do with it so I got some paper and started sketching ideas for a pattern. I sketched for a while and eventually realised I didn’t want a pattern at all, just some colour to hide the worn out parts. I mixed blue, yellow and a bit of white acrylic paint and started winging it. Eventually with Cati’s help I arrived at a result I liked.

Painted phone case

After drying the case with a hair dryer I varnished it to make the paint job more durable.

Varnishing the phone case

I’m happy with the end result and if the paint starts to wear off I can just paint it again!

Finished phone case